A Wonderful Night Out

February 12, 2016 Scott Sanders

With Valentine’s Day coming up I wanted to write about an experience that happened a few months ago. It actually occurred on Shannon’s and my anniversary, but it seems appropriate for the occasion.

In our businesses it is important to give excellent customer service, since without customers we don’t have a business. A few months ago Shannon and I experienced excellent customer service. We went out to dinner to Fleming’s Steakhouse for our anniversary. Most of the time when we go out to eat we go somewhere that our girls will eat, which is normally fast food. It was good for just the two of us to go somewhere that we usually don’t get to go to celebrate our special occasion.

When I made the reservation online I indicated in the comments that we would be celebrating our anniversary.  When we arrived at the restaurant the hostess promptly showed us to our table and wished us a happy anniversary. Our server was very courteous and helpful during the entire evening as she answered all of our questions about the menu and took our orders. Other servers who brought our bread and who brought our steaks were also courteous. Our food was great. We had so much food we had to take part of it home in order to save room for dessert. The manager even came by to check on us and she wished us a happy anniversary. When we finished eating and prepared to leave our server gave us a box of chocolates as well as a $25 gift card for our next visit. It was a wonderful evening. When I woke up the next morning I even had an email from Fleming’s thanking us for dining with them.

I learned several lessons from that evening that I and others can incorporate as we provide excellent service to our customers and clients. It started with excellent leadership. The restaurant has good systems and training in place. They worked together as a team. They treated us with courtesy and made us feel special. They provided a superior product. And they gave us a reason to come back. I am certainly inclined to go back.

I hope that everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day!